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Happy Camper and HALO:
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Happy Camper Heating, Air and Plumbing, in collaboration with the outstanding water treatment team, has partnered with HALO Water Systems to offer Los Angeles residents access to clean and safe water. Our ecologically sound filtration systems, expertly installed, effectively eliminate worries about impurities such as sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants. Enjoy the benefits of pure and pristine water with our reliable solutions.

Systems to filter and Condition Your Water

The purity of the water provided by utilities is questionable. Relying on local municipalities for effective treatment or just any system for filtering your water is risky at best. Over time, hard water corrodes systems, negatively impacting their functioning and longevity. Like those offered by HALO, inline filtration systems provide efficient treatment, making your water safe and pure.

Problems Associated with Municipal Water Suppliers

Municipally supplied water poses a range of threats to your water supply. Additives like chlorine and chloramines, which are simply chlorine with ammonia, are common in drinking water. Chloramines can irritate skin and the digestive tract, while chlorine is hard on fixtures like faucets and toilets, the rubber seals in a home’s plumbing, and even the copper pipes themselves. In addition to these additives’ risks, the minerals found in hard water can also wreak havoc. For example, unseen particles of magnesium and calcium can build up in pipes, limiting or even stopping water flow. These particles can make glasses and dishes cloudy and even damage appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. These contaminants in a home’s water supply can eventually lead to less efficient appliances that wear out more quickly.

A Whole House Water Filtration System

With a quality filtering system that conditions your water, there is no need for a water softener. Indeed, softeners, including self-regenerating ones hooked into the water supply, rely on salt to function and do nothing to improve the water quality. Furthermore, they are a detriment to the environment.

On the other hand, systems based on carbon filters remove a great deal. For example, Carbon-based filtering removes:

Carbon-based filtration can also remove fishy, musty, fruity, grass-like, and even bleach-like odors. With this preferred system, you can also enjoy water free of metallic, rubber-like, or medicinal tastes. Eliminating bad tastes and smells from water boosts water consumption, which promotes healthier joints and organs. Last, better tap water means no need for bottled water, good for your wallet and the planet.

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Installation of a Filtration System for an Entire Home's Water Supply

Instead of being connected to specific appliances or fixtures, a filtration system for an entire home is hooked up to the main water line. Hard water is eliminated in this system with multiple stages for both conditioning and filtering. As an added incentive, the systems provided by HALO require no maintenance.

Relying on science and technology, the ION conditioner for water hinders the corrosion associated with hard water and breaks down mineral build-up. Halo’s Ion filter shifts the charge of the minerals that have been dissolved, including calcium and magnesium carbonate. With the change, the particles repel each other instead of clumping together and building up in pipes. This shift in charge creates a state in which the molecules that might otherwise bond move through the pipes smoothly until they are either eliminated or caught by filtration.

HALO systems for purifying and filtering water offer a ten-year warranty. Coupled with a system that never calls for maintenance like changing a filter and provides superior filtered and clean alkaline water at the turn of a faucet make Happy Camper and HALO an easy choice.

Happy Camper and HALO: Trustworthy Quality

Proud to expertly install HALO filtration systems, Happy Camper is ready to serve you. We can provide superior water filtration for pure and enjoyable water. Our systems have a limited lifetime warranty that encompasses mineral tanks up to thirteen inches in diameter for water filters and conditioners, eliminating hard water and contaminants.

For a free Happy Camper quote, call Happy Camper HVAC: +1 833-333-7750. We can answer any questions you may have and schedule an installation when you are ready to take the next step to fuss-free quality water in your home or business.

Providing Clean Water To Residents In Los Angeles

At Happy Camper, we are committed to providing fast, efficient services. For a variety of home service needs, our team can troubleshoot the issue and install or repair necessary equipment. Having clean, fresh water in your home is important to increase the health and comfort of your family. If you need a quality water filtration system, our experienced technicians can help. Contact us today to learn more about our water treatment services.

Benefits Of Water Treatment

Unfiltered water can have many harmful chemicals in it. While some people just buy bottles of water or use bags of salt to soften their home’s water supply, this is often expensive and wasteful. With a quality water filtration system, you can rest assured that your home’s water is clean, soft, and fresh.

Our water treatment system can filter out harmful chemicals, including:

From herbicides to bacteria to chemical cleaning agents, the harmful products in unfiltered water can cause serious health problems. These include lead poisoning, dental changes, cancer, liver and kidney damage, and weakened bones. With our water treatment system, you can protect the health of your family and enjoy an abundant supply of clean, safe drinking water.

How Does Our Los Angeles Water Treatment System Work?

Our filtration system uses reverse osmosis to filter and cleanse the water in your home. It removes bacteria, chemicals, viruses, chlorine, pesticides, asbestos, and other harmful products from your water supply. It also flushes other types of pollutants away. Furthermore, it enhances the taste and color of the water, and eliminates waste from using bottled water. Our system uses point-of-use filtration, and requires no energy and no electricity. With our water filtration services, you can have inexpensive, fresh water to drink right from the tap, every time.

Enjoy Fresh, Clean Water In Your Home

Happy Camper heating, air and plumbing provides effective water treatment solutions to meet your needs. Our technicians have nearly 20 years of combined experience and can install, maintain, and repair reverse osmosis filtration systems. Whatever your situation, we can diagnose the problem and provide timely, professional services.

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